I don’t even know musical theory, how more so composing music...!

THEORY IS NOT ESSENTIAL. Yes, you heard that right!
All you need is just a very good and prepared teacher, able to listen your musical intentions and help you translate them into notes and time.
Theory really is not a problem anymore when you have someone else sorting it out for you: just like it wouldn’t be a problem to want to get somewhere without your driving license: just get a taxi! And a comfy one too...


All right that may be true but I can’t play the piano...


THIS IS NOT ESSENTIAL EITHER! Your teacher will execute the piece for you during composition as many times as you wish. You will understand soon why you don't need to be able to play an instrument...
Just go on and read the following faq.


I don’t have ideas/creativeness!

Everyone has ideas, but few have the courage to express them, maybe because they don’t feel adequate or maybe they just simple hold themselves back.
Those who think they don’t have any ideas, DON’T KNOW HOW TO ACCESS THEIR OWN CREATIVITY!
Neuroscientists state that those who say they never dream are simple unaware of their dreams. What does this mean?
Believing that we don’t have ideas would be just like believing that the fish in the sea don’t exist simply because we can’t see them. This is why fishing exists...to learn how to catch fish!
If you get stuck it will be your tutor’s job to make you aware of these (he will be your fishhook...)
The method used is the “Flow of Musical Conscience”.
According to Freud, the father of psychology, everything I do expresses what lays in my unconscious;
so really even when I am carrying out an activity that I think of as random I am expressing myself unconsciously!
Inventor of Aleatoric Music John Cage and creator of action painting Jackson Pollock had understood all of this and have shown it through their artistic productions.
Hence playing around randomly on the piano sends you directly to your unconscious dimension,
allowing you to find SOME INTERESTING IDEA sooner or later.
In what seems to have been a just A MESS OF NOTES there is always something interesting...
Don’t Worry! If it won’t be you to realise, it will be your teacher that will help you notice that in the midst of the many notes some interesting combinations have emerged.
Remember: Unless you already have some experience of the instrument, some vocal idea or recording, to make ideas all you will have to do is improvise RANDOMLY on the keyboard and answer the teacher’s question in order to get to know your musical intentions; at that point the teacher will try to make these come to life and will guide you through the process of refinement and development of the idea itself.
Experience shows that if you love music and wish to compose you can ALREADY do it!


I know I have some ideas but I don’t think they are original and creative/interesting...
Maybe the teacher can give me some ideas?

Compositional Tutoring means that the teacher will be a guide and executer, nothing more, so as to help refine your ideas without affecting your artistic decisions.
You will be the brain, he will only be the arm or your “musical conscience”!

Consider this: there is no such things as ideas that can’t be improved to some extent. From this, your teacher will help you to reason on your own ideas, stimulating inside of you the research of various possible solutions so as to refine these in a INDIPENDENT ARTISTIC MANNER and make a high artistic quality piece.


I’m not in tune!

If you think this then please note that the out-of-tune-person DOES NOT EXIST! Unfortunately though there are people who have been traumatised by others that have made them reach the conclusion of being out-of-tune! Shyness and lack of self esteem paralyse voice and ear. There are also ones that may need a little bit of training to educate their ear.
If this is your case then you can still begin to compose music without problems as of now.
If you still really think that the problem is another then ask for advice to an expert otolaryngologist, be sure that he will tell you that the tiny group of people that can be considered true out-of-tune-people have actually suffered from a specific brain trauma... Let’s hope this isn’t your case!


All right then, even if composing without any knowledge of theory
and the instrument is possible, in this way I will never learn anything
and will always be dependent on my teacher for composing...

You would learn theory’s basics starting from practice. You would also reach very high artistically, something where that only professionals could do before this.
Of course, if you want to learn to compose independently it is necessary that you enrol for the compositional course, but then you need to honestly ask yourself if are willing to take the needed time to study the subject , obviously already being able to play the instrument.


I don’t have the time to follow a course...

Don’t worry! Composing through the tutoring you WON’T HAVE TO STUDY A MINUTE; the work is only done in LESSON TIME and you can choose the frequency of the sessions.
In a year you can compose many pieces of music!
If you can manage to find a little bit of time each day, it would be good to study the instrument, however this is not essential for composition.


I have recordings of my own improvisations on piano or other instruments.
I would like to transcribe them to work on them but I am not able to.

It is possible to do so in our lessons, otherwise the service can be requested for an established price according on the musical genre, the length of the piece, and difficulty of it too.



What then would do I do with my music?

We will STORE it to avoid possible plagiarism.
Your music will be executed by other students or teacher and it will remain in our archives so that future students may study it if they wish.
You can also request that the MANUSCRIPT BE COPIED into a digital format by our copyists, and that your music too be recorded at recording studio.
Artistic productions made could be exposed online for free, used for videos and adverts, or put on sale with 80% of possible profits being yours.


It’s all too good to be true... Where are you?

Check it out yourself! Make an appointment now for a FREE SESSION.
You can carry it out online, you can come here in Wembley (London) or you can request that we come to your home. You can contact us by clicking on the @ symbol on the above menu.


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Translated by M. Priami (Ita to Eng): matti95p [at] outlook.com
 and A. Lopez (Ita to Esp): anabetxulp [at] gmail.com
Brainarm manuscripts digitally engraved by MARCO BAGOLIN
Brainarm manuscripts digitally engraved by  MARCO BAGOLIN
Translation: M. Priami (Ita to Eng) and A. Lopez (Ita to Esp)