Do you think it is possible to compose high level music without being a musician?

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Just composing low level music (42)


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What journalists say about us


Last Saturday was yet another day of dull period and I wanted to close myself at home away from the world, but in the end I convinced myself to participate in the small musical show my brother was involved in. That at 43 years of age he decided to study music once again with an innovative method. I remember the lessons at children, hard notions put together to let them vanish in thin air later. Life takes away more than what you give, sometimes. But he still wanted to restart, and in Fermo, Italy he found a teacher, Guido Mallardi, young, younger then him in fact, that promised to bring out of him the music he didn’t think he had. So off we went.
Under some gazebos surrounded by the smell of lemongrass to keep the mosquitoes away, I saw. I heard. I assisted to the show of a little kid who was inventing an unripe but convinced melody. Then it was the turn of an electric bass player of 12 years old. Then of a barman who in spare times plays Bach and composes. Then of an amateur pianist with an extraordinary touch and a contagious and loony smile that called to mind Tom Waits. Then of a girl that looked freezing but she actually had a burning fire inside. Then of another young boy, of 15 years old, musically inspired by the Bible. Then of an jazz improvisation from the piano teacher, the 12 year old bassist and my brother that never before had sat down in front of a drum kit. And then again my brother, with a little theme made up of little notes brought me to tears. At this point I understood that the method of this teacher was something serious, because my brother and I have heard each other sort of play for nearly 40 years, but this was the first time that I heard him play a real piece, written and completed, with personality, I mean almost with a conscience of its own.
I am saying that assisted a real, genuine, passionate, serious, moving, difficult, well prepared and random show. With different moments. With different atmospheres following each other one after the other. With moments of craziness and poetry. Presented by Guido’s wife, Elisa. Made in a garage transformed in a live stage. Those minimal fairy tales, that are not so minimal in reality, that you don’t expect, that maybe just far away from the hallucinations of the metropolis you can live, that make you suspect that life isn’t all in a computer, in waiting in vain, in another dull day. There was more life in the hugs of those amateurs, less then amateurs in some cases (my brother had only been involved for two months), that were congratulating each other, that were despairing, that encouraged each other with hugs, then in many empty liturgies. Of something charming and of true music there is want. Music is an immense force, gigantic. Music changes the souls and changes men. Music can take men and make them better. And this School, of which I advise you to go to visit its website to find out more but even more to check it out for yourself, wherever you are, has managed, I admit it, to surprise me. Due to its enthusiasm, its results and that mixture of vigour and familiarity.
I returned home with joy in my heart, and inside it there was the colour of tenderness, of regret (for the time spent crying over myself) and of curiosity: I’m beginning to think that the coming September I too shall enrol.

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I have always loved the piano, the only instrument able to reproduce, at least as far as my own untrained ears are concerned, echoes of poetry.
I still recall with much delight Valentina’s musical show, one of my dearest school friends. And se was not at all happy to exhibit in public. But I loved every single note born from her hands and from those of the other students, even the most uncertain ones.
Similar feelings to those of that far away afternoon of my adolescence have grown almost identical during the rehearsals for the end of year concert only a few days away, of my husband and of the other enrolled at Guido Mallardi’s Accademia Professionale di Musica.
Sat on the end of a small sofa covered in sheet music and other various objects, only a few steps away from the grand brown piano to which students were alternating each other, I felt completely at home. Compared to the experience of many years ago, I had the privilege of being able to observe from close up the focused faces of the pianists and of a very young bassist. I was so aware of their concentration that I almost felt like I was in their same situation. I then I had the idea of photographing those happy with it during the concert. As soon as I had permission to do so, making sure not to disturb them during the rehearsals and concert I took picture after picture. Some time ago I published this small and amateur photo galleries telling from my point of view how the two concert evenings and part of the general rehearsals went.
Today I’m over the moon for being able to spread the official videos produced directly by the Accademia Professionale di Musica with the contribution of a small portion of my photographs (like it rightly should be) and some notes (in the second video, the shortest one) of “Pòllini”, the composition of my favourite idle...
Those summer days seemed to promise new avenues with the upcoming autumn bringing clouds in. Still nothing is lost, above all when pure talent is born.
If the latter is accompanied by much seriousness and effort, it will surely bear its fruits.
The last sentence is dedicated to Elisa Campofiloni, teacher of preparatory music for children of 2 to 7 years old.
Against all odds, we have to believe in it, with strength and enough recklessness.
To you and to all who will come to try the Brainarm method publicized by various adverts, thanks from the heart, for the music you happen to gush out from your essence and for the invigorating effect that you will provide to those who will come to listen to you!

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                          The words of students


             “I had been looking for a school which faced composition from the beginning
        for quite some time, but I was doubting it would be possible to find one until I found

                                          the Accademia Professionale di Musica,

Guido Mallardi and his modern method of study. I am already composing my first piece,

it speaks of me and my musical taste. Ever since I started I am full of enthusiasm because

I feel I have the right method to express my music fully!”

“At the Accademia Professionale di Musica, you learn music with music. The art is tying in every technical aspect to every notion we learn. It gives meaning to each of your efforts and charges you with enthusiasm. We let questions be answered by the teachers of music,

but sometimes answers come from the theatre, from art, from mathematics, from philosophy.

  In-depth study, looks into the synaesthesia to touch each scope of the human expression.

                  It is in such a way that a lesson with Guido becomes an occasion

                                        of interchange ad continuous growth!”


“I finally completed the first of my compositions on piano, it is called “Ode to Skrjabin”. I am very satisfied with the result. Now all I need to do is learn how to play it. Many ask me how on earth I composed something without knowing how to play it. To those who ask such question, I smile and explain that it seems strange to me to up to the moment I saw the method at work in the Accademia Professionale di Musica. Each one of us has music within, even without the means of expressing it, because that means is the Brainarm method. You are the mind, the arm they let you borrow it! It’s like having a stand-in actor, when you can’t execute a difficult and virtuosic piece, your stuntman comes in and substitutes you just enough to reorganize your work to a neat standard. It is an experience foe all, for those who have always dreamt of composing as well as for those that didn’t even know

they had music to express.”

                                                                                             (Stefano Cerquozzi)



“Up to the age of 20 years old, I never studied nor touched
a musical instrument before, and I saw the piano only as a great dream
never to be accomplished... But now... after only 3 years,
thanks to this method and to a teacher able to bring out what you really are and all the music that you have within and that you didn’t know you had
because you never had a chance to realise, I can honestly say to have played pieces that have set great achievements and that allow me still today not to be discouraged and to believe in myself... always!”

                                                                                                                                                 (Jessica Germani)








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Translated by M. Priami (Ita to Eng): matti95p [at] outlook.com
 and A. Lopez (Ita to Esp): anabetxulp [at] gmail.com
Brainarm manuscripts digitally engraved by MARCO BAGOLIN
Brainarm manuscripts digitally engraved by  MARCO BAGOLIN
Translation: M. Priami (Ita to Eng) and A. Lopez (Ita to Esp)
Brainarm manuscripts digitally engraved by  MARCO BAGOLIN
Translation: M. Priami (Ita to Eng) and A. Lopez (Ita to Esp)